Friday, January 29, 2010

One of these days [twitter trending topic turned poem]

#oneofthesedays ...I could show you better than I could tell you. You get silent when I compliment you, but in spite this your smile [rich with enlightenment] holds a thousand words and emotions. Several toxic potions that ..I can't taste enough of. Love...
If these words had strings, music they'd probably sing[it would harmonize above]. And if these words had wings, I hope to you happiness they'd bring. #oneofthesedays I'mma show you the difference between a woman & girl..
Show you there's NO DIFFERENCE between you AND my world. Cause it's you.... #ONEOFTHESEDAYS ..hope we can sway and vibe together, You can be King, and I'll play Correta ...My letters, may get weathered but the message sticks forever...
Like the dream, that Martin put together, may take a few years, but I'll invest for the better..
#oneofthesedays We'll look back and laugh, how our paths crossed,it's one hell of a thought in itself,
gold mine[mind] cause it was a moment rich as Bill in terms of wealth. I could keep wishing that #oneofthesedays would come along....♫ #oneofthesedays ♫


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dream Woman

She had the mind of a genius,the body of a goddess,conversations,she'd finesse you,
linguistically undress you, 'less you gave into,her serene mood,her attitude moved crowds like King On Monument,confident, via intoxication,her lip language led to mystification....
And I had a Dream......
Laced with sophistication,embraced through words brazen, this woman so many she had cravin'... mentalities she left laden and riddled, she strung hearts like musicians to fiddles...
That night I had a dream...
This supernatural woman,
her love was overcomin',
like a river over flowin',
all the more he was never knowin', her emotions where they were goin'...
Away from him they were towin'... Her frustration ...still never showin'...
And I had a dream...
Saw her amber face, warmth of her embrace,kisses I could taste,lip locks I couldn't waste,sweet as almond joy,she played me like a toy,
I felt like a little boy,with his first crush,she crushed me dearly, I felt myself nearly,overcome...
By such Love , because it had no jealousy belevolency...
So how the hell could she leave?
To this day its a concept my mind can't conceive...till the tonight I'll have a dream...
That one day,she'd walk back into my life, a irridescent beam of light that's was she was for me,she lit life's paths,yet now she's gone, so I'm forced to see. I close my eyes ,fantasize,then realize...
it's just a dream.

February 13th,2009


A thousand degrees,
scorching a blaze.
Heat rising from every square inch of this surface...

I shiver... I tingle....I'm nervous...
could It be...I don't deserve this...
delight presented before me.
I tell you,stop,yet you ignore my pleas...& go onto your knees...

It seems the rooms engulfed in flames...&I wanna scream and you're to blame. Yet the only thing I can say is your name...
I don't think I can survive to round two of this game...

My bloods boiling, I think I might go insane.All the while your'e toiling in wonderland.
Im wishing, you'd take my hand,and guide me through this journey. I'm feeling like I'm going to a place that I don't know...

Oh,baby,...the places you've taken me.Are of lore and fantasy,yet you've generously shown,and allowed me to have known...such...happiness.

Yet&still , I burn,anxious and impatient,for the next time I take that sweet vacation.
Oh, I've gone up in flames,
yes,I've spontaneously combusted,from all the moments I've lusted after that sword with which you have slain me.
Your'e just incapable of being beaten,and I can't stand the heat

March 27th,2009


Do I dare disturb the world and those who occupy it?Do I dare speak words of such hostility,and go down in history and in infamy...Lord do I dare?

Do I turn my back to those I once adored and loved, do I push and shove those who once lingered near me?

Clearly, the world was far to small to be explored,and to every door,linguistics was my key.

Evidently I've dared...Lord knows I've dared to be oftenly too brazen for those who find my ramblings crazen.

But do I dare tempt fate?
Do I dare push further beyond this world's gates?
Do I dare plot a sweet ,serene escape to a place so far ...not even thee illest mental state could penetrate it?Do I serenade danger!
DO I DARE... Let myself be found...and my core be known to the world.
Could they, or would they be able to remotely comprehend such a mind so brilliant?
Or I would taken to be irrelevent?
another insane lyric to circumvent...
Do I dare.

March 20th,2009

I could run

Vividly, I can imagine me leaving this place.
As if I could walk off into the distance, and forget it ever existed.
I could walk on by and act just like I missed it.
I'd resist it,(returning)...because while I was there,my heart did nothing but burn.
All the longer I stood there my heart bleed from its yearning to leave....Internally, I was dying I believe.

I could run forever, and ever and ever and ever and ever away....

So when I left the extinguisher,cleared the smoke, and allowed me to breathe.
Without the haze in the sky, I was returned the power to see.

Broke the chains of depression, so now I'm able to be, the real me.
Completely, uninhibited these anti-social ways I had exhibited ...were all just a cover.
Others had come so close, they only drove me away....with their deceitful & hateful ways ...
lakes founded of yesterdays...tears. dried, so now the ground is clear....nothing for me to drown in. The same waters which I used to be surrounded in..........The New me was founded in.

I could run forever and ever and ever and ever and ever away.

The voice within resounded through the crowd..... Aloud, I was no longer alone.
Silently, I was a loner.
Through the window pane's many observed her, As a shelf of half the person, I used to be, till I rebuilt me.
The pseudo me, was no more. Not so much pseudo, but comatose me, because my body was in a state of unconsciousness.Working at minimum capacity....the last bit of me, was struggling to survive desperately.

When I awoke, I had no choice but to see...the light.
& When I saw it, I ran....

I could run forever and ever and ever and ever and every away...
Nowhere can hold me, can't contain me.
What I need to sustain me....versatility.....


Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayer for a man

Lord I ask, better yet I pray, that one day...I'll find a "good" man.
A man with a good head, and plan set in his mind. He'll do good toward me, treat me the way a good man should. Tall ,tan and handsome,with muscles of steel,crafty with his hands,as if he invented the wheel.

All I ask, all I ask, if he doesn't have money, I dont need that, at least let him have love for me, thatd be all I need. The key to my heart,I'd readily hand over, if he'd be my luck, my four leaf clover. My good luck charm..that I'd love and adore.
Someone so special I'd do anything for.

God all I ask is for a good man, who'll know when to hug me,kiss me, and when to hold my hand. Who'll know when to stand firm, and take his place as man.Who even when stuff goes wrong,has a back up plan.

He'd be my better half,the ying to my yang. He'd become the lyric to my music,that has no words to be sang. He'd imspire me,He'd advise me,He'd console me and more...Forever him I'd adore...
Lord this is all I want..I wont ask for more....

February 21, 2008 - Thursday 12:54 AM


I was alone to myself, left to my thoughts , through out which I wandered.
Startled by said noise,with such loudness like thunder, it caught my attention without my choice. ...It harrassingly & irritatingly called me.It demanded my attention, this annoying voice for which I had much resentment.It hollered,it screamed, it echoed my name,through the halls this atrocity rang.It's pitch and octavity changed...

I walked off pretending not to hear, it came closer and ever so near. I covered my ears, and replied leave me alone. It simply refused , and kept ringing like an obnoxious phone. It just kept calling me.
I angrily yet hesitantly responded "WHAT?!" back,it looked at me smirking ...and it liked that, it had gotten to me somewhat. And it chuckled a tid bit, I noticed this hoping soon it'd quit. But it just kept calling...

I walked and faster,further and further till I could hear this voice no more....I looked back and I heard a scream it and said " Nothing in life is ever what it seems and if it seems too good to be true than it probably always think twice before you take or give..because you only have one life to live...that's the way it is". I took note of what was said in accord, and I thought about this statement long and hard, and I realized, that behind these brown eyes of mine, lies more than just a brain but an intelligent mind, and in time it only can get better or worse, so its up to me to choose my course. I can either take success by the horns or I can call it quits and hold hands with defeat, That's not the life for me THATS NOT WHAT I WANT. So next time I hear a voice inside calling me, annoying me, I think ....

I might listen...

March 5, 2008 - Wednesday 2:57 PM